Still Here Though

by Kweku.Kente

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released April 30, 2012

Cover Artwork by Christopher White aka Kenshi
Cover Photography by Gerald Jenkins of Cape 3mpire




[plain.] Raleigh, North Carolina

MC-Producer duo. Raleigh, NC. Music.

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Track Name: StillaZone
Staring at my reflection across the ocean with this
Cloak and dagger all that’s bleak is rather cogent
I think I need a spokesman, a priest, a rabbi
Mallam, I feel patronized my brain is scattered half of it was sacrificed
To worry of a status in this temporary callous time
To babble I was damn obliged to listen to and sample mind
You, ugliest in gaggle flights, but still I rise to Saturn heights
Through atmospheric pressure withered, got me down and saddened, why
So rigmarole and precise, the metronome of my life
Set in stone vessels lower levels carved to stalagmites
Seeking out a flash of light, this wasn’t a train
But the rain drops glistening to put out the flames
That arranged around the impetus surrounding my brain
To take away any chance I ever had of being canonized
It’s all facsimile, divinity don’t interest me
Principally through tomes scoured half away in indices
Through different siege, I hope acts of man don’t really count
For your sake and for the history and its lineage of mimicry
Followers delivered eating shit like human centipedes
And leprosy today is just to have the nuts to disagree
If you’re not hellbound afraid we can’t associate
Procreate, it’ll fuck you up, I’ve given vocal space
For 20 years some months okay I think I’m fit to go today
No I’ll wait, I always do, lose it justly float away
Won’t be saved, this cynic can’t split paths like Donnie Darko
I prefer my life be lived as if I will not die tomorrow
Tryna find a star glow in a past life I’d recall so
From hell up to Toronto, express delivered as cargo
I'm addicted to breathing, only reason I won’t grab the knife
Slash then slice, that and I do not believe in afterlives
It’s an easy solution, if there’s one thing that I knew well it’s
That, easy solutions usually had me looking stupid
A long process to start unhinging the screws
But do what you gotta do the only one willing is you
To be, timid you’ll lose, hard work ain’t for the fools
Not the type to see success and think it’s gotta be the shoes

It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
It's God or be the shoes
It's gotta be the shoes
{Wow how cavalier, if I only had a pair
I would blast up in the air, and then I’d find my balance there}

Your…silence is golden, more…patience is wisdom
Forced to lie in the doldrums, if you’re braced for the ending
Lies built upon em, the Earth, don’t gaze with the vision
They’ve compiled, propaganda's worked every millennium
From a child, fairy tales I was told had gone with logic
So I’ve built every belief of my life since then upon this
Experience in concert with faith, yes, that I’ve got it
But it’s faith in myself, the only organism honest
With me in my realm of control, my head’s in the scrolls
I believe the lessons told were meant to strengthen us all
And that don’t mean that I’m against something if I am not for it
But I’m against it every second that the people are harmed
Conclusion’s quickly are wrought, before the judgment bring thought…NOPE

I am but a speckle in the universe, ineptitude will do you worst
Super serfs shooting for forgiveness from a voodoo curse
The brutes usurp in names of those who never even knew you were
When you’ve got it all you die, I’m happily a student first
It is clear and suspenseful this ain’t, writ with a pencil
It’s a permanent determinacy, live incremental
When you slip, just reflect and then you simply progress yo
In the spirit the mental, dog, it’s here in your temple
Track Name: Some Pretty Lights (Feat. eKZ & John.Ave)

I'm dope enough to blow ya brains out without a gun,
and slick enough to spit this slang out without a tongue,
make the kinda songs that could detonate a dud,
with no igniter though,
just a mic and a flow to enlighten souls...

breathing life into the lungs of the dead,
lazarus effect,
but now I have a price on my head,
cause I uncovered what the devils wanted hidden-
ignorance is long gone, bid the pain good riddance,
spacecraft seated, while my hands click switches,
taking off, breaking off from these humanoid limits
I am not what you want,
but I'm what you niggas need,
I sling hard shit that brings a giant to his knees,
suffocate the industry it's hard for them to breathe,
raising up the temperature and make em sweat from the degrees,
fear is what I leave in the men from the valley of the thieves,
take dreams, creating reality from make believe,
they said I wouldn't achieve or make it at all...
I should leave and stand for a more plausible cause,
but when E hits the top and claims a spot on the charts,
all the boo's will transform into round of applause,


They always saying “hey, listen it’s your time to rise”
But that’s stressful, so I’m striving for a 9 to 5
An upper level office, edicts all anonym cries
Whether they see or not, my lines are to incite the blind
When they’re like me, a skinny nigger all up in the school
Who got it all, but he’s trying hard as fuck to be cool
Got a couple phases here, folded cuffs and the jewels
Until it’s phasing in the ears and then he cuts for a view and says {STOP}

I’m twenty years old, had enough now I’m passed doubt
Carte blanche my black card to the bank, bounce
Country grammar slang, hold my dick got my pants down
Screaming I don’t give a shit, a fist with my hand out
Sit just to stand out? I sit cuz I am proud
To be myself and I don’t need my lips to command shouts
Simple advanced styles ripple the land tiles
Elliptical dismissal of these signals to stamp down
My sole is the pendulum with every swing
Deafening a roar to the souls under Earth just to let them in
To let them in you know is not to open the door but of course
To place a dipole that they’ll open it for
And make the cycle go forth, you’ll never stifle the force
When they leave their carbon and slip into a nitrogen form
When being idle is foreign, we leave the idols informed
That it’s time to ford the moat, destroy it lighting our ports


I black out, then I punch in; still ain't put enough in
to conceal the fact that my skrilla's equivalent to nothing
Tell shorty let's get it cracking and put my nuts in
Bitch I'm busting, know it's indica that I'm puffing
Shed light on Slumville, where they slang the guns still
Toe tag 20 niggas, and then count it as one kill
You can wait around to sign to that one deal
I'm building an empire, my dynasty's unreal...son chill
Track Name: Ayono (Feat. Nate Cruz & John.Ave)

Chalupa spilled on the dress shirt, tell me why my neck hurts
The pressure, to stay awake with boring ass professors
When the mass of lecture addresses what you read first
The night before, why’d I come to class for a refresher
But leave that scenario, the rest of it’s to barely note
Same shit every night, {“Roll Tide” “wooo I’m drunk,”} good for you that is very dope
Pick up chicks keep my accent switched to be Ontario
It’s all a façade, yo the lie is a job
Promised to God I would move my ass up out of here
But obviously not, I’m still a student matching solitaire’s
Qualities, I’ve got a booth, okay a mic, to volunteer
Songs made in a place I had wished to escape
But now I’m locked in here, ironic, I’m a slave to this space
It’s a dozen foot by eight where some fables are laced
Aching for a break to Accra, Raleigh, Toronto
Always saying no return, keep on changing the date
A couple rare moments going back, some co-ed undergrads
In the back, smoking what’s got so wedged under that
Double back, say it twice, solfege pro
Gone the way of the do-do by these lames that are po-pos
Awaken just to puke a Jackson Pollock on my slumberdrawls
Laughing at the dudes, chasing girls playing Wonderwall
Try to strum guitar to other tracks and they don’t know dick all
Got another thing to run by y’all…Am I still vain though?


I don’t know where you be or how you see but we got the light
I don’t know who you be or who are we but we kind of like
Like I think that we fly to a point that they can’t even describe
Like I know that Cruz, Alby, and Kweks are gonna make this thing nice


Trapped in my home town, solitary confinement. Commissary overflowing with monetary consignment. Finding logic, deposit it into a pointless synopsis, and I'm positive that the operatives aren't stationed in the projects. Unconscious and pompous, launching through Wonka's glass ceiling. Beefing over bullshit and females that catch feelings, appealing. But I'm a victim of rhythm whenever a song plays. Sound waves synchronize, thinking, vibing to John Cage. It's, long days when I zone and crush the killahs. Drones cut from the same cloth, cloned the same double helix. Flooding the gutter when I brainstorm, the rain pour. Disciple of John Locke, mind locked in the same form. Strains swarm, wrapped around the base of the mic. I rep my hometown but it's the place of my plight. Niggas try to succeed, but the never left mom's chest. You blind mother fuckers got an Oedipus complex. I'm gone.



Wackness played out like Dickie’s, Saucony's, Girbaud’s
Feel my sayings like Goku’s fire when he starts glowing gold
Kamehameha to a Mayan when the globe’s to implode
Then bring a blitzkrieg to bops like I’m Joey Ramone
The world’s gonna end? Believe I’ll leave while I’m tryna grow and
Had hoes on my dick and now my dick’s in a hole
Who thinks that’s misogynistic? Yo you don’t even know
What I did with that line so you can go lick a pole
When the whole shit is froze down to 40 below
Where our systems collide, stay warm with a nose snow
I’m blown, openly gauche drinking 40s in Rome
Finding virgin white widow I could smoke with the pope


Hook (x2)
Track Name: Gen Y Knot
Got an overweighted sense of self esteem a wide ego
Could be anything I want I heard from loads of white people
I said I want to take it over, be a dictator
Have the world suck on my dick swallow the drip later
Born speaking from podiums, to porn from Nickelodeon
Stories getting distorted when detecting that it's boring them
Kids can't read or write in school, they're dissing the custodian
40 binge is on the way for years of this…

Yo I'm rich for a black kid, Rock Spring Road
Was where my mom lived, my dad lived, I had both
They used to jock it and laugh since, I don't know
The fucking rationale was absent when guys spoke
The goal was gold inside the casket, colder than Alaskan
Holsters would the heart be as bullets whizzed on past him
After they went through him, hope and pray for executions
Couldn't bear to pour the brew, it was a dumb city I grew in
But I loved it though, yeah I fucking loved it though
I never really loved it yo. Just said that to get my dick wet
Spent years tryna impress, I don't know exactly
Spoke in a Canadian accent, first time I got my ass kicked
Elmhurst Elementary, first grade I got my ass kicked
PCS basketball, first name got my ass kicked
Crying from getting my ass kicked, enough to get my ass kicked
Heard they changing Elm Street Gym, first place I had my ass kicked
Moved up out that house, there ain't no point in asking
First place, second, third place I had my ass kicked
Wore a Barney shirt in second grade, almost got my ass kicked
And I would have but my reflexes caught Chris' hand and slapped him
I loved it though, I'd fucking love some mo'.
I planned on killing all of you bitches, you better hope I make it.
Track Name: [plain.] Soniggerquy
Oh Lord, I beg of you, please forgive me
I’m sick, please, it’s clear I’ve got some demons in me
Like you need to give me a vaccine, an antidote
I’m saddened hold me, while I cut this evil, skin deep
I’m six feet, a quarter of another one, my mother comes
From a lineage where we all went to college
And they lived seasons under the summer sun, all of them
Look like this, pose the question to Darwin
You see, I almost killed a white lady today
It almost breaks me to say, the state of my face
Was like a killer, right? It must have been like Satan was placed
In the middle and night had come, it’s sad the day has to fade
Now I remember clear as an hour ago
I had on mountains of clothes was out in the cold
Tryna check the bus schedule, hmmm, which route will it go
Then I turned around and saw this old grouch was bout to go croak
You see, I almost killed a white lady before
It’s got me frightened for more when I stride out the door
I must be a psychic of course, my mind’s with the force
And I saw it coming, I’m irresponsible, next time I should warn
You see, I almost led this white lady to death
Without a blink or a breath, laced my sphincter with Crest
What was I thinking; safety first, should put a veil on my head
Would that solve things? You’d rather me be hidden instead?
Staring down the barrel of a sterile mace bottle
Now my brain’s hollow, wishing she would spray the can auto
I would kidnap her, but I heard her scream it’s way alto
And that goes against the point of what I’d made my main cause, for
I need a lady sounding like a siren in here
To just divinely appear, making tiles of mirrors
Or just hit me with the mace until my eye’s dry of tears
So I can never see this skin again, supplier of fear
It’s sad, I almost killed a white lady today
I think the cops should take me away to my native old place
Wait, I was born up in Toronto that won’t do shit but change
The scenery and put new white ladies in danger, okay
So ummm, send me back to Africa, but leave me benefits
Hope they’ll treat me nice, they’re mean to the illegal immigrants
Didn’t know my feeble innocence would lead to grimaces
I wasn’t scared that she’d enslave me when I’d seen her on this bench
But, eh, almost killed a white lady today yo
Vybz Kartel please spot me some cake soap
I wish my skin was always like the kids out at Day-Glo
Make for the best, no, make just to break though
Blame my mama for this shit, my father for this shit
I ain’t get to choose my race, while they knew they’d have some kids
And then they put me in a place full of pride and prejudice
I’m a fucking ostentatious menace, daring to exist
You see, I almost killed a white lady today, no!
Keep the hatred embraced, go be racist, be brave souls
This nation is made for, the government queso
Segregation, paranoid American staples
Almost killed this lady since she’s got a weak heart
She’s past her time anyway could use a restart
Her sight’s had a while to disintegrate too
Think I’m a robber and I’m dressed way better than you

I’m just a nigger though, just a nigger though
Just another nigger though, a plain ass nigger yo
Just a nigger though, just another nigger though
Just another nigger yo, I'm a plain ass nigger yo
Track Name: Confucian Epistemology
Fresh off another college debate
Where one of these failing scholars used their knowledge to bait
Another group who had the opposite taste and got em irate
In the mood to shoot down compliments get all in your face
I mean I used to be that guy when I was a kid
Loved sciences, decided it was right what I would insist
Write up a script based on what I’ve read, decide it’s the shit
A nihilist before my time would have provided the itch
But now I see the world from out the eyes of a fish
A wider grip, less violence has e-migrated to fringe
And now the center of attention’s occupying the lens
While the minds taking the time have struggles climbing up in
It’s wrong, and what’s accepted is designing of spin
A lot of thoughts come from deciding to vibe with a clique
But leave some time for your eyelids to click and see inside
Your mind and you will find what you’ll apply as a crypt, because…

The more you know, the more you know
The more you don’t know what you know, what you know is
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you don’t know, and you don’t know that
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you gotta know right, riiiiiiight
But that don’t mean that it’ll be tonight

And you don’t know! You don’t know a damn thing!
And you don’t know, you don’t what’s real!
But we don’t know, we don’t know what we do know!
All that we know, is what we feel.

Used to have a big affinity for history
Until it hit in me that it was written by the winning team
Meaning only one side was getting all the sympathy
So reinvestigate it ‘fore you take those sources literally
Cyclically the reading I would do turned into cynically
Sneering at the pages recognizing inconsistencies
In the class, we’d learn twisted facts and sit around
So I’ll dedicate those years of fuck you to Little, Brown
Paid no heed to school, I was raised in the dirty south
Main things I should, I would take in like Kirby’s mouth
And not Puckett, we’re getting off the subject
Although we’re really not cuz we would argue over lunches
About something, the trends often weren’t particular
Rap music, math solutions, crap shooting, literature
Fact spewing we would always think we were right
But if the other guy was, we’d quickly change up the sides, it seems

The more you know, the more you know
The more you don’t know what you know, what you know is
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you don’t know, and you don’t know that
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you gotta know right, riiiiiiight
But that don’t mean that it’ll be tonight

And you don’t know! You don’t know a damn thing!
Cuz you don’t know, you don’t know what’s real!
But we don’t know, we don’t know what we do know!
All that we know, is what we feel.

With greater age comes a greater stupidity
You must see the place with a grain of lucidity

The more you know, the more you know
The more you don’t know what you know, what you know is
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you don’t know, and you don’t know that
The more you know, the more you know
The more you know that you don’t know right, riiiiiiight
But you’ll know what you need to in due time
Track Name: Wilberforce
Your childhood is beautiful, the fact is indisputable
Your word was your word, when you spat the bond was super glue
Dreamed of what would never happen, still living in satisfaction
Til the atoms crash and constant bombs are the usual
A stupid fool spent years chasing ducks as a goose
But it’s cool, I find refuge up in the substance abuse
It’s not a crutch, it’s a stool, it takes the suffering from view
On the roads to life, was pulled over, I’m not stuck in the queue
I got cash but you would think that just from hearing my groans
I got slashed right through the limbs like it’s Sierra Leone
And in fact, they try to help and start repairing my nodes
But there’s no hope, if I cannot go into therapy stoned
A little clarity’s owed to me, it’s hopefully supposedly
En route, but it’ll get crushed up within the lotus leaf
I’m always rushing, slugging, like I’m Boris G’s dopamine
Eyes on the prize, prone to freeze, it’s only gold you see
Stare into my eyes, I can barely survive
This mind is a like prison got no care to stay alive
Can’t silence the critics with nefarious diatribes
Adding size to dimensions that’s preparing your demise
I’ve got a share up in the crime, that I’ll declare and I’ll describe
In detail, why we fail to scale what we should climb
Too scared of likely rise and the various parasites
Got decisions to refine, it’s no decline to just recline

Left is left, right is right, death is death, life is life
Who am I, who is speaking when I step up to the mic
Who will fight all these demons, with which weapon, which device?
Do I know? Well learn your lessons
I don’t know where or how to do it
But I’m bemused so I’ll pursue it while experimenting music
Stuck within the Ferris looping, the prepared execution
Must relax for just a few and be aware of what I’m doing
I’m a free man!

Chop a tree with axes blunted, to be making you strong
Which is great, but all along you were basically pawns
Faceless in the throngs, staring blankly at your gods
Slaving your all for some greenbacks to take to your mom
And by greenbacks we mean backed by nothing but the trees jack
Cutting at the seams, get you inhaling real hard, in their thoughts
Hands in the pocket, but you’ll never get a re-rack
Or answers from the last ball which stated your loss
Another case of amon-tillado, savor what’s gone
Awaken every morning lost with your face in the sauce
Never taking it off, you know the fake, the façade
We ain’t all after the fame, but we’re all chasing applause
Simply naked and stark, a little ancient mystique
Voraciously got us chasing what’s been labeled as chic
And it’s clear we don’t still labor in the blazes of heat
Cuz it’s been years since my neck raised over 80 degrees
I mean the sun, the cadence of breeze, elated fatigue
Has been missing, but go reaching for a saving relief
Notice what’s sacred to see, is what can’t really be reached
And maybe see what you’ve been missing busy’s placed at your feet
We’re walled in by the hustle, tryna muscle to Walden
At the wall’s end just hoping to not be shackled from will
Praying riches trickle down aimlessly you twitch around
Spending all your time moving, when your plan’s to be still
How do you breed new life when you’ve never lived in yours?
Its central theme controls with ease can even make you kiss the floor
It’s a chore, the first step is reaching through the prison doors
Make sure you’re not killed before you realize there’s no will before us

Don’t know where or how to do it
Don’t know which br’er controls the movements
Simply breathing in air and then I’m puking
Everything I’m seeking’s in there, but I can’t view it
Track Name: EndaZone
The anthem of the endemic spasms of a past blemish
Radical irascible add chasms to a black message
Cracked and fragmented quotient of my environment
They claim I’m at the end of a phase like I’m a waxed crescent
Only way to slash stress is venting my rage
Rest in the shade, add some blackness, slap a pen to the page
Venom gets sprayed and they present faux psycho-analyst ways
I ask quit trying to find the path to my brain, no need to add tenants
But let me rack in it, edge of a break I’m on
Changed a lot, threw off the Q, can’t settle to play at all
Move as much as all my molecules, can’t spread out my name to y’all
Too many think they know me, I can’t rest here or stay for long
I’m better lonely though, finger to the old me
Only way to make me sociable’s to knock me out and clone me
The first sheep in line, high on society to OD
With the blood remaining blue not from the staining of the codeine
But the roach leaf that’s wasted, burned up, tossed in the dirt
Honest to murk, that’s the furthest that I’ve thought of my worth
And I believe that in anticipated joggles of mirth
To toss my wealth and spend my last dollar on columns of myrrh
In the hopes it’d embalm up my person, give a second chance
Like a returning virgin rocking new sets of pants
Things they say around me, truly have no resonance
But things I think inside my head have got me set up in a trance
Dilla damn, if I ain’t have that I’d prolly kill a man
Like Kid of Sam, seemingly it lifts my every kilogram
I’m lifted man, to different stands, reality is vicious fam
Stuck on the glass ceiling prepare for shit to hit the fan

I grew up on the Eastern side of Greenville as a token black
Holding back the one desire to unload my wrath
Came from Canada, was dreaming of that older grass
Cuz mine was duller after summer back in ’02 lapsed
Was sick of school, new rush was never going to class
Guess it wouldn’t hurt too much to let some voltage crash
Was skipping to 05 in autopilot till I’d go live
I missed those years and then we all started to grow too fast
One of my favorite friends died after a motor passed
On Greenville Boulevard and man I’ve never wrote to that
And I still can’t even bring myself to do it
Leslie if you’re listening, you were the first to hear my music
I remember that you told me that the verse was wack
Damn it was true, but it helped me get my focus tracked
Was looking forward to high school when I would know your ass
Like on the real, cuz it was mostly on the phone and crap
That we’d communicate but let me bounce the subject
Cuz this deserves originals and not the sound from Lovage
I hardly ever open up express myself in public
Cuz I remember days were great with quarter ounces blunted
I learned French with dreams of moving out to Saint-Tropez
Get out the South cuz over here, yo, being black don’t pay
I’m tryna turn a new leaf and slowly craft a way
Making moves like wangs on chat roulet, could never tell about it

Lemme gather a thought or two

And I meant it if I said it clear and black as day
I say it all in jest, serious as a Sambo face
No one could touch my shine, never seen a Faberge
Though no one’s after me, I’m still feeling a cavalcade
The fucking cast away, expecting me to go local
Like these yokels, Kweku.Kente never calibrates
Gone clean from drama, stay away off all your soap full
To disposal, navigate into a path of hate to put it in the vocals
Held my punches, now I’m quick to stamp you out and go postal

I say that I’m from Ghana man! I’ve lost my language
But get my mom to yell some insults, and I’ll understand it
I’m at a disadvantage, cultures got me sandwiched
Between the sand wedge shooting off directions spreading damage
It’s the indigenous foreigner landing off the border
One strip from falling off edge like I was Florida
Keys locked in the corridor, with dreams to kill like warriors
Dictated by what my sin say like Patrick Morita
Or rather what my skin say, like being poor and fucked
Being black, I tore it up, fuck it to the more of ya
Aaron, that’s my nigga though, Kwame that’s my nigga yo
Been knowing them since Nick at Nite had started showing Diff’rent Strokes
Take a rift from code, would rather laugh and chill with spliffs of dro
Poison new editions and become the new Bel Biv Devoe
Nah this is jokes, how I defend myself in shells
When there’re discussions and I don’t want any of the shit approached
I’d sit and smoke to stop insanity from rising
Only talk about myself when adjectives are rhyming
Fuck it, scratch that and let the quote go missing
Because the only time I talk is under those conditions
The fucking rope is sticking, this is a hopeless mission
I’m in a bind to die and never reach my full position
And in my pro opinion I’ve lost my own dominion
Over actions and consequences, but I hope you’ll listen
Cuz Plain Nigger’s not an alter ego scheme for rap sales
It’s just the only thing that people see me as, well
No matter the accomplishments, won’t see me pass, failed
To reach my goal to go and leave with speed this drab hell
And yo, I’ve never cried when I was writing a song
But these lines have got me ripe to dry my eyes in my palms
And when I think of things like this I’m not surviving for long
In my imagination, resting and reciting my qualms
Track Name: PenUltimate
The pen’s ultimate, baby the penultimate
Out a Shell to spilling of the fuel that’s engulfed in it
Leak acknowledgement of life lived but not done
Mach one, slow it down, cuz it’s better if we walk in it
Mark one memory and mock up pleasantries
To greet yourself with that you’ll mock in future centuries
Market for a legacy, but I think it’s best if we
Muck around and make the things we do the best fun
It’s not the music that is dope it’s my spirit it injected
Seeing lucid in the dome, it’s not wisdom, just perspective
And I stress it; this isn’t any movement or a message
Too many kids from the 90’s want to be the damn one
Well I forfeit, ashamed of reflections inside the portrait
Every portion looking morbid, I hate it the look is dormant
Fuck photographs, it’s a reminder of when the door hits
It’s recorded and you can never fix the moments from before it
It’s sore it’s, coarse it’s, a sword inside the corset
Inigo Montoya, you failed in tryna reach the source if
You’re a minute slow, oh boy, you’re a snail, an eaten course in
Puppet stringing shows, anointed arranged by that evil sorceress
Have you ever tried to pay a visit to the past?
Playing wizard to the facts so they shrivel in the back
Of the picture that you went to go amend, relive, and snatch
You didn’t fix it you just clipped it with a simple hit of axe
Aligned with rewinding time for mining
Paint the shit gold to sell it to yourself as diamonds
For the bellicose dolt to flaunt in faces and shine it
Slightly evolved but there lacks intelligence designed and
The pen’s ultimate, baby the penultimate
See it flash before your eyes, commence to then withdraw, well it’s
A sequence of surprises that forgot to leave you shocked in each
Accomplishment and squandered thought or second that you lost in this
Apocalypse to coffin of the point destroyed of being
Enjoy what’s possible; most of it’s devoid of meaning
The seconds that we’re stressing should be set for memories and
You can wait until the fall before you’re at the point of leaving
The pen’s ultimate, baby the penultimate
From Luther, Gutenberg, the Gospel writers to the Bolsheviks
Acoustic use of words tell by the fire, or the Socratic
School of thought, whatever, try the type you’re finding solace in
The problems from before are just a minor afterthought
And at the end we’ll waste our time just with our eyes fixed at the clock
Throughout this labor of my life I hope I tried and did a lot
Which when concluding may even help me get the drive to slip the knot
And cheat the reaper out his gwap just get to thieving him blind
Nickel and dimed destined to hide and turn a bitch in disguise
But keep the peaceful old time, where you’re releasing the mind
Bequeathing secrets when you figure out the meaning of lives
Or maybe even that the meaning’s a lie
Maybe that the meaning’s a lie
Track Name: Awning On/Dreams
Chilling in the moment got my knees in the fog
You gotta live it like you own it, saying peace to the gods
And there’ll be sequels involved, so all my people be calm
Until then, my mind is peaceful, I’m in seats with the stars
Never reach for a fault marked by external foolishness
Because they say don’t mean that you have gotta stop doing it
Be patient like a Kubrick flick, viewer when the rules are lift-
Ed, while they confuse creativity for stupidness
It won’t come to you, but take your time when you’re pursuing it
Enjoy life man, the fruit of it, the dandelions, junipers
The satisfying, putrid shit, and interlining wool in this
Time you’ll abuse, better beat it till you ruin it
Not heated by the Judases elude them when they’re spewing this
Bull, they wail and cry, they can tell it from a mountain
You got when you’re dying to get heavy and nostalgic
So now get to trying in those many you’ll be counting

Hop up out the domicile, nigger will be gone a while
From the title you surmise I’ll clear that gong
Crying tears of a crocodile, all I gotta flaunt is smiles
Apologize I didn’t mean to speak that long
Though every day is like a sadder day, looking for avenues I can take
Now I’m watched and I can’t grease that bong
But, don’t let the blood coagulate, it would have been quicker to masturbate
Instead of writing all these damn songs
But now I’ll sleep and all thoughts of before can go filmy
Yo I’m from Greenville, but I’ll never give my heart to a city, ya feel me?
Fig a deal me, or you’re a herb like a dilweed
These were the feelings I was saving as the architect, building (Belding) (bell ding)
Understanding more is less, you see, now Morris ain’t helping
So then I put it in these tracks and move on forward into hell where
We can prolly be ourselves without the judging or pressing
It’s it’s…I’ve made my point, this is the spot where I’m resting…no return

WHAT dreams we have and how they fly
Like rosy clouds across the sky;
Of wealth, of fame, of sure success,
Of love that comes to cheer and bless;
And how they wither, how they fade,
The waning wealth, the jilting jade --
The fame that for a moment gleams,
Then flies forever, --dreams, ah --dreams!

The dreams do come the dreams do go
As well as human flesh and blood
It seems that we do live enclosed
In what we want not what we love
It’s fucked trapped within all these schemes
In disappoint of what we eek
I query Dunbar, you agree?
That if you dream, you’re sure asleep
-Plain Nigger