No Return Date​.​.​.

by Kweku.Kente

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released March 18, 2012

Cover artwork by Christopher White aka Kenshi
Cover photography by Aaron Sellers
Various credits in songs




[plain.] Raleigh, North Carolina

MC-Producer duo. Raleigh, NC. Music.

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Track Name: Answer's Always Yes
Bump the damn crown, throw out any past clout
I should suck and you would get it that’s a sham wow
Yo, it’s wack sleeping on a black cloud
Chilling in the evening, perform in front of blank crowds
Drink mad stout, sip till I pass out
On comrade's couch now this a hand out
Had a wack line to hit you with but then I blanked out
The type to go to sit-ins just to be the kid that stands out
Ash out a cigarette and burn it in my face hole
Murmur in my raincoat hoping it’ll rain for it
I do it all for free, is that vain though?
I observe all that I see, is that vain though?
I filter all my memories, is that vain though?
I don’t want to be vain, but that was vain bro
Please remember to forget the things you’ve never seen (x8)
I wonder if the others cried out when Cato bled
Like we all wonder, could that rile up Cato dead
Only me? Always be, pour one out for Cochese
Then chill out, relax, put on loop Kid A by Radiohead
All up in its right place different when displayed than said
Always lying from the morning, cuz of this you’ve made your bed

Please remember to forget the things you’ve never seen (x8)

Yo, Richmond Hill whatup, Rexdale whatup, Don Mills whatup, Thornhill whatup
Roman Ridge whatup, North K whatup, Legon whatup, Osu whatup
Winneba whatup, Takoradi whatup, Kumasi whatup, Cape Coast whatup
Tours comment ca va, Blois comment ca va, Paris comment ca va, oui c’est bien ca va
Carolina whatup, Triangle whatup, GTA whatup, Central Region whatup
Yeah we know whatup, yo we breathing whatup, what’s the reason shut up…

From the 252 to the 919 we rhyme unsigned, while we do it still shine, uh…
Greenville whatup, Chapel Hill whatup, Raleighwood whatup, Bull City get em!
From the 252 to the 919 lightning rhyme schemes, yeah you know what I mean in...
Greenville whatup, Chapel Hill whatup, Raleighwood whatup, Bull City get up
From the 919 to the 252 this dude, who are you, yo my name is Kweku and uh…
Greenville whatup, Chapel Hill whatup, Raleighwood whatup, Bull City get up

Please remember to forget the things you’ve never seen (x8)

That blind ambition, just forget about your effing dreams
People never get em if they’re reckless which I bet you be
Rappers, need advice on how to exercise your flavor?
It’s simple, spend your life living in hyperbolic chambers
Live inside the bubble don’t be subtle when you speak
And then the bubble it will reap what the Hubble cannot see
Nothing, and conscious rappers got me hunting for some z’s
Demanding people wake up without first lulling them to sleep, chiiiiiill

Please remember to forget the things you’ve never seen (x4)

Introducing the nuisance Houston takes from all flights
It’s a movement, in the sense that yes I moved my jaw line
Don’t confuse em, off these tangents, I’m above the cosigns
I’m like the 303rd greatest rapper of all time
I’m a wizard, get some braggadocio rhymes up in the picture
Dick is big, go fuck a chick and then the kid slip out her sister
Well, soooooonbitch, three more semesters of punishment
So I stole some instrumentals, made some tracks and bundled it
I’m like the 303rd greatest rapper of all time
303rd greatest rapper of all time
Oh my, what’s the angle? Ummm, go and I do it
I’m simply, fucking ruthless like a Moabite eunuch
Ya stupid, I’m unsettled, rap’s nutrition turned to marzipan
So gimme 3000 bars to rap about how smart I am (sarcasm)
In a Kashmir fleece cardigan, stop your arguments
Go tarded, ham, breaking glass like Darvin Ham
Track Name: InnaZone
Life is dumb, so often times we must establish some zen
My lack of friends gives me need to grab a pad and a pen
And get my status to send, all the raps through the end
Of this, sword defeater, for either, cackles, laments
I just brandish my friends, imagination and emotions
Sometimes I think hard, sometimes won’t even focus
Sometimes I write for rhymes, sometimes I’m writing poems
Sometimes I scribe thoughts, sometimes I’m only quoting
And voting, for lines to hold in sixteens
Picture vocal spit schemes while my potent ink bleeds
I’m known for simply…well nothing at all
Folks around me think I’m lost; I’m always stuck in my thoughts
My feathers ruffled because, I’ve weathered stuff from laws
Never moving birds, I’m flipping them at rappers that talk
About stupid things while I’m micromanaging flaws
Listen to old groups that sing to dig like cavity starts
Sometimes, I prefer to kick back and take notes
Synapses take hold of relapse to space old
Inactive breaks mold to an axon straight glowing
Then the product comes out as just facts my brain spoke
Sometimes, I like to think of a noun that I can ease in
And for infinite bars make that sound the antecedent
Just deliver it hard, without a plan or reason
These raps tend to be part, of a round of practice pieces
Sometimes I’ll also go out on a lyrical dip
Take a swim in the abyss evolve empirical lisps
Not imperial with this or even mercantilist
Materials from my head, raised up all these verse from kids
Sometimes I like to dumb out, tell a story pull a gun out
Write violent Bull, equating to levels on Punch Out
Turn ‘round, say “give me hugs now, you look a little rundown”
Flip personalities like Santa shared for north and the south (bipolar)
We run mouths, for fun, don’t mean much in the end
Sometimes it’s real thoughts, sometimes it’s just pretend

{Ebrahim sings the hook line from "What You Won't Do For Love"}

And that’s a good point too, some do it for popularity
I do whatever’s there for me, enjoy it? Then I’m very pleased
There’s scarcities who’ll listen, that’s be patient and stop
Cuz most people live their lives always waiting to talk
So if my voice is heard or not, I’ll just take a faithful leap on
Xenon, Neon, we on, noble bread, known valence we (huit) bond
Don’t promote myself to be a genius or a phenom
Just the coolest MC, this side of Irish Freon
Mon nom, pose comment dit on, and Kweku is how I respond
Most will hear and be wrong, and I’m like whatever peace on
Never getting hung up, there’s solid ground to plant my feet on
And I’ll grow with those down, head to the atmosphere and beyond
And we gone, 2011 until my decomp
And we gone, gimme a second it will not be long...
Track Name: I Can't Read
Tanqueray and chronic, bourgie in ebonics
Moronic Stetsasonic fan, love old hip hop
Flip flops, Birkenstocks, visit San Francisco
The shit’s so ironic, I’m upon it bitch I’m schizo
I’m psycho, I’ll pawn it, now I’m high as the Eiffel
High as the iso, Iverson, summit
Melt a Denver Nugget, melting Denver with my pungent
Lung gust, no I mean my lungs, nah Lundqvist, nah whatever fuck it
Straight off the Nile-Canaan trip, the maiden voyage
Came to Miles Davis show to lip read, was disappointed
The other side of the coin holds heads if you’re looking at tails
And tails if you’re on heads, I’m so clairvoyant
Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, phospholipids get destroyed
When I break my needs down to the Atom…Egoyan
Hopped out of the DeLorean pissed off and shit
Cuz the resale value’s piss, offal shit
A spiderweb, and blood from the paper cuts of Schleprok
You laugh now, before you know it this is a TED Talk
Bitch I’m in China! Gucci, Louis, them designers
On my face, yo I’m stunting, “hey Quakes this is Spadina”
I heard she was in the kitchen with a mystery nigga
Nah whatever, Flex drop a bomb and yell “THIS IS HAIFA”
Knife fight in laser tag, stuck in my lycra
Eyesight needs lasers bad, a blunt will suffice bruh
Reading Franz Kafka in the library hoping it’s like a porno
And smart chicks with valley accents fellate
To an evening jazz standard wrote in binary
Don’t even want head, just needed more sound effects for my tape
Ever since I got a car, just been thinking with my dipstick
Girl you’re the greatest, bet you drink the finest liquids
I mean girl you’re the grainest, bet you think of rice and Triscuit
I mean girl you’re cliché, with all the eyeliner and lipstick
Hipsters are results of kids with LL Bean
Backpacks, the teachers pets who used to tell on me
They say I missed the mark like Gyan on his penalties
Skipping out on Adulthood like Aml Ameen
Ron Paul 2012 is code for I can’t read
But talk shit on the internet behind IPs
Kony 2012 is code for I can’t read
And ummm, nah that’s it, it’s code for I can’t read
The world’s made me see better when I don’t open my eyes
I call all my friends niggas, CUZ most of them are white
Wanna ppppfpffpfpight?
Track Name: Ninety Degrees in Greezville
Cocked raps, Ratatat influence, you catching that?
Do it for my culture, that’s the top half of Cackilack
264, a little hamlet with a campus, black
Stoned as the toys of a young Yasser Arafat
Monitor, Merrimack, monitor the Mary Macks
Clap clap, ratchet blast, ratchet place, yet very cashed
Skullduggery? It’s quicker if you tear it back
“Dude they be loving me!” My humor, it’s a sterile act
My musical subtlety is buzzing by my ear and that’s
The only place you hear it in the city, that’s a scary fact
Saying I don’t rep? Shut yo mouth, I’m the Vegasest
It’s funny, Saint Peter’s Catholic School made me atheist
Yeah I went to Catholic school, awww skeet skeet!
The only nigger there, relating they like “awww skeet skeet!”
Everything you buy’s for renting so we keep receipts
My niggas copped the Concords on their EBTs
Used to hoop at College Hill, they shut it down with Belk and now we
Come with weed and Hen and get it poppin on Elm Street
Drinking, hooping, music, art, we jam, don’t got a Julliard
These days we’ve moved the party out to Western Boulevard
Was once the only mooly, par, now we got a brood of cars
My niggas from the west get it in…shit they ruined ours
Stash away the student card bet the cops can brew a charge
“Got some quick questions, where’s the barbecue and brew, for starts?”
Pirate’s Den actually, neighborhood brasserie
Dirty hoes around the way. Rubbers? I need McAfee
Got a homie named Tre, only dates Jasmines
And it’s funny cuz he’s fucking every chick in the locality
Ask advice, every old head’s got analogies
Had he tried? Good advice? Man’s got an allergy
Kept out of the clashes, we were shallow in the faculty
Never one on one fights, jumping is the standard. See
My mental telepathy projected in this setting, please?
What you doing? Same time, ready? BITCH I’m selling weed!
Racing out on Arlington, rush hour, seventy
MPH across the dashboard, this is levity
Friday night lights keep a crowd of cars in
Moved ‘fore I could ride the bench off of Marvin Jarman
This the region where we know that PeeDee’s in his costume blunting
It’s the region where everybody’s Petey Pablo’s cousin
It’s the region where the PD like to bother just for nothing
It’s the region where…what the fuck, yo, I’m only bluffing!
A G-Vegas rapper, also means an actor
“Copping dollars! Pussy magnet!” Dude, your dad’s a pastor
Loitering at Sheetz, nigga swear he stays in Stratford
High school nigga up to twenty-eight or after
Cut from Little League, I’m spray painting Dowdy Ficklen
Yo, I heard it through the grapes the racists want us out in Kinston
So tell me, what can you achieve? Nothing b
Funny thing is, that’s the luxury
Track Name: Quoth the Cavemen
Kick in the door, wave in the four four
Two thumbs down, damn, I thought I would have scored more
Thanks Al Gore for inventing really quick porn
Delivery instead of going to the nearest store
Or a bearded whore, pretending she’s mi amor
Into S&M, strapped me in so I can’t see the floor
But I realized it tore and then I fertilized her core
Subject me twixt four score, pluralized of course (AIDS, duh)
Sense it don’t make, sorry translated from Sanskrit
Translated from cannabis, bought right on the campus
This will make you dumb, you couldn’t tell from my transcript
Ash it with a carrot, frame Roger Rabbit
Pissing in the heroin, call it yellow magic
Pissing in your heroines, like why she let me stab it
Pissing in a harrow and I’m poisoning the cabbage
Then I’m pissing up in Harrow on the Hill’s Westminster classes
I’m classless, like nobody can even reach my echelon
Classless, like nobody can even reach my echelon
Yeah the neck is normal sized, still surprised the head is on
Head for palm, no that’s not a reference to Metacom
Get it wrong, you’ll be in a world of hurt the devil’s song
By Charlie Daniels plays from lands a sunder, Stephane Sessegnon
Guessing wrong, passing it to Bendter stead of Ji Dong Won
Smoking more tree than parties burning flags of Lebanon
Full sequitur, wanna hear a joke?
AOL instant messenger
Ass fat pressed and permed hair, yeah the breasts are firm
Quick a pick up line! Any day you could get the sperm
Damn lesson learned, she must be a fanatic
Of Judeo-Christianity, I didn’t mean the Sabbath
Fantastic, my fan’s fantastic
I’m mad cool just got bad taste for fanatics
Yo I’m batshit for even tryna rap it’s
Time for a random fact, Slash is Lenny Kravitz
We know rapping’s a bastion of bashing
Bashful batching bastards in action
Dude I’ve been spitting great, since I was in 7th grade
Spitting everywhere, the fundraisers, in the lemonade
Took time off to find myself in nature in the Himalayas
Pissed in caves spit some more then came back and assembled [plain.]
Ugliest in person as I’m guzzling the bourbon
Sipping bubbly since Parrish got his ducats in with Sermon
I'm immersed within aversion, that’s a version I’m immersed in
Dog it’s certain that it’s curtains, as I’m curt in my assertions
Dude you’re a juggernaut! Dude I’m the juggestnaut
The jug is not, what we measure to determine what is hot
Bambaklaat, got your tongue in knots, s-s-s-s-stop!
Fuck your watch, fuck your couch, fuck your house fuck your stocks
That’s right, a man will put his dick in anything
Whores, animals, cheat on his wife with the wedding ring
Yo I really get it in, the money I’m embezzling’s
The only reason that my dick is green, hey it’s a fetish thing
OK I’ve got a joke, for all my Ghanaian folk
Lay the rope, VIP, these bars are very sacred yo
You know these black chicks with the names that’s a farce hanh?
I went to school with a girl called kwasia
Well, she pronounced it Quasia
A qualified kwasia, I determined later
Brain was just a crater and her pregnancy came later
Prolly also got scored on by Abdel-Kader Keita
A hole in the ace with parole violations
Moon the world, roll tide! I’ve been coaching Saban
Ball like Dolph Schayes in Philadelphia stadiums
A modern day statesman, {grunt} quoth the cavemen
Nig is still annoyed by the boys in these bitch frats
I’m killing them with kindness like making your kids fat
No way to fix that, paint him on a six pack
And dispatch a slip that omits his ass from gym class
Riff raff niggas rapping think they’re never south of great
The fishes think the humans come in war to them from outer space
Another palace aide, I’m tossing on the palisades
I’m a king! Take a dirty Sanchez, you’ve got Stalin’s face
Tying tubes at the mother’s day barbecue
Patty cake, patty cake, don’t know what my daddy make
Bone women in Labrador, never filled a FAFSA from
Tell them I’m whichever sign matches up with Capricorn
Yeah, I know, I’m gay for knowing that
But let’s enter a dimension of the past, we’re going back
I’m like the 303rd greatest rapper all time
Yo Quakes this song can get you up to 299…yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
Track Name: Fake ID
More poison to the well, to some a toilet, some a veil
And avail in the invisible, embroider in a tale
You can void out the entrails, I hear these voices that regale
That every day’s a new one, I wake up boisterous as hell
As a boy I set off sail, to never believe but to see
And now I’m stuck here on a voyage I can’t bail
Annoyance of the ail, mints, porous in a pail
To a floor I guess I’ve fell but there’s still stories to rappel
A little self made confidence fix me up
Enhanced by my efforts tryna lift up out of Dixie but
These gentlemen start spitting, got me listening to Icky Thump
Slipped the sticky buds inside the pot and left em fizzled up
Think I’m frightened of success and all that
I’ll inquire to some offers and renege on a call back
Like Zelwegger had thawed that face just to fall back
Getting bigheaded I’m collecting some skull fat
It’s water weight, sometimes in a man the water breaks
You slap him in the face, don’t get dramatic just walk away
I’m in the hall of fame of these niggers and chumps
That, stick up a front, chill and mug, cuz you lit in em blunt
It’s all a game, life’s a piece of cake, a million crumbs
Fall from the sky, unknown to us, but we’re still licking em up
You can claim that you are, but I’m not an evolved species
So I’ll buy what you’re selling, make me eat some more Wheaties
Living, East of Eden where I process out my feces
Sniff em like their rose buds stick em back up my bum
One by one face it as the thing that we know that we can do
To save the Earth, recycle waste as we fashion our tongues

This space needs to get organized, cordoned tight
More than right, every word hides what keeps me mortified
Avoiding all the force inside, the sort-of-like, this mortal vice
Living in a thing all quarantined that kind of borders life
Reality’s gone, so just accept that
I’d give more effort to be strong except that
I tried existing out of the faith I see
But I got run into the ground by this fake ID

On 12 21 2012, I’ll be 21 ½, the 22nd as well
Maybe I’ll be, resting in Vail, to measure my wealth
On the trails and all my records will be forever in Gale
Database and half the race will call me set to be hailed
But that’s a whole different sale, to not be shipped in a bale
Vociferous yells got my spirits impelled
To get me on a mission to fail like Stickell and Phelps
I wanna be, rid of myself, unstable and pensive
All these efforts to be normal only made me eccentric
Which I guess makes sense if you heard on the message
Ex-centric means I was before I scurried and left it
Spending hours in my room slaving over my craft
Just so when the people asked, I’d answer, “nah I don’t rap”
I’d wish I’d, known that this pass comes with a catch
It keeps advancing you forward, but that don’t mean it runs back
Track Name: Break Ya Palms (feat. Alan Z and Mc Scuare)

Damn! I done walked in here
Looking like a motherfucking man with his peers
Another caliphate’s near, watch your cals, see em clear
Dude’s a healthy alcoholic, vegan sandwich with beer
No chest pains, Chastain, Caspian fears
Propaganda heavy, I don’t give a damn what you hear
It’s whatever mane, dog it’s such a game for the suckers playing
Try and come through lighthearted, only leaving hover stains
Chasing snow bunnies getting tricks on out my sleeve
Painful waiting for Rapunzel to go on and let her weave down
Three thousand feet below, fresh on the rebound
Beach House blasting and stoned so we can see sound
Losing every battle, reason’s so I'll win the war
Schmoozing with cattle just so I can skin the boar
In tune with the satellites, yo I'm with the force
In a schooner with some saddled lights that only sits in ports
Trojan horse for Lady Godiva’s sub-lunar show
Think you know shit but don’t like an unused commode
Keep that tongue cued for jokes, you’re not Sun Tzu in prose
Or Capone, so speak easy bro, mumble the code

(Alan Z)

An underdog from the start but I knew where to begin
Prepared with a pen and a pad, rap's Jeremy Lin
Creating burial sites for stereotypes
On top of that, I'm level-headed you can spare me the hype
Humble, never let the accolades get to my head
Cuz I remember how my so-called homies left me for dead
Misery loved company so much, they tied the knot
And my mind's only self-defense was in a writer's block
Potential untapped like barely legal chicks
My own worst enemy, myself who I was beefin with
Been through the ups and downs, learned to ride the tidal wave
Living like the Mayans' predictions confirmed our final days
The devil tried to intervene, instill fear
Give me reasons to feel scared but I'm still here
If you fell and hit rock bottom in the process
Gotta get up and do it yourself like an indie project
Take pride in any progress
Whether it's singin or spittin flows, I been a prospect

(Mc Scuare)

Im not afraid of who I am
I’m afraid of what I could be if I ever gave a damn
I guess I’m ready when things get heavy
With my mind on shine let it ride like a chevy
The aftermath of what I have to be
Craftin these sentimental pieces takin more than just a half of me
And so I’m happily tappin the beat tactfully tackin a free cast
And passin the heat masterfully
In effect I’ma break it til it intersects
Openin the eyes that disguising the sinners left
Give me a cigarette burnin by the thousands
Lookin for a leader only getting twenty ounces
Of counselin a fountain with nothing when its spouting
Accountants never adding up what the amount is
But when the truth is that the rules don’t ever change
You can’t appreciate the whole scope of knowledge in a brain
So read a book instead of thinking you the brightest
When they turn off the world you gotta look for where the light is
Chose the path less taken with my legs breakin best make it up to myself and invest patience
Into this life I’m in
Instead of takin vicodin
And syphonin the pain through this place where the mic begins
Yea you’ll never see me write it in
I’d rather ride it out
Pocket full of vitamins
One a day when I run away with it
You can Find me on my own on a summer day getting
What I can


What I can while decrypting all these combinations in
A decanter, just break it down and rub their face in it
Over thinking, relaxed, that’s the way you go get it
From erasing your past, leave it subjugated in that
Old place that collapsed when you ran away like Anna Mae
Man it’s cake, we cool in the breeze like Cab Calloway
Blood and sweat make it, create every track naked
While secreting out my face a wave millennium equation
Think about it, could have my hand round my dick
And be stroking while you’re listening and jamming to this
That’s the beauty of it all, don’t be breaking my balls
While I’m making these songs, leaving stains on my walls
I’m so gratuitous, you ain’t pay any cost
And all I’m asking is you all get to breaking your palms
So break ya palms, we’ll put the brakes on dawn
And if you break ya palms, then I’ll pay for drawers...
Track Name: Desperation
A quarter hour of fame, would be the sourest thang
Not long enough to even learn about pronouncing my name
It’s the nigger though, vying for the throne like I was Cicero
You better learn my name, repeat that shit like it was Figaro
I’m slitting throats, your mouths going OH! Like polyglycerols
Make music only, beef free like Bangalore or his tanned bull/(Istanbul...)
You want beef? Then skeet skeet, take some ranch in each cheek
Rappers piss me off like drunk niggas at the urinal
Quit barking, your shit is turrible, deter it at the terminal
Of your speech, before I Aldo Raine your brain to a convertible
Test your vertical, it’s vertigo with a boot in your ass
Bitch you’re not lyrical, it’s personal, when you’re whooping that trash
Sick of no flow niggas, mad cuz they broke niggas
Spitting garbles of shit and then they claim that it’s genius
The same so-so don’t know a musical note
Got no fans for a reason, you motherfucking elitists
Yeah you’re stuck and defeated, so you’re not running shit either
You’re more irrelevant than a dude selling buckets of Zima
You seeing me? Ha like Israel on an Arab atlas
Saying Kente is great, you must be staring backwards
Must be stuck in the past, brush the dust off your ass
Evolved beyond human, zooming towards that Brahmin status
Got me laughing at this wackest apparatus
Get ate like broke housing crowded by arachnids

When the nig get desperate! Shit gets hectic!
Nig get desperate! Shit gets hectic!
The Nig get desperate! Shit gets hectic!
Nig! He’s desperate! Hectic as shit!

My rhetoric’s benevolent in sentiment, dig
Don’t take a libertine unsettling to tell like it is
But then these sensitive bereft of thinking netwits insist
That I’m as irreverent as reverends are meddling with kids
Keep that brain moist, light like black skin in advertisements bruh
Obscenity is high in us? Then you can read some James Joyce
It’s a vain choice to censor a man’s voice
Getting stuck on some words and then you bitches miss the main point
Fuck, shit, ass, nigga, cunt, bitch, vag, dick, uhhh
I say these words, you acting like they’re coupled with swastikas
Unless they’re coupled with actions bruh, move the fuck on
Using run ons, to get me chastised like on the ballot nuns
Society’s piety creates confusing visions
Here in the South, gun control means {BOOM BOOM} rhythm
Never lived through logic, that would be a boon to the system
I suggest we keep the faith but please lose the religion, it’s sickening
Track Name: Urban Legend
Post modern, pre-futuristic
Closed noggin, seems human this is
That toe stomping in the Babylon system
Making static it’s been adding on, my swagger’s on a zillion
Bitch this ain’t ill yo the flow toe tagging
Bitch I got skills that keep yo-yo’s dragging
Words get the devil razed like he know Joe Maddon
Spoke em going for the ring like he’s Frodo Baggins
Bitch I’m so rich that I bitch in vain
Bitch I’m so rich I could live with AIDS
Bitch I’m so rich I could dig your grave
And not keep a single repercussion entertained
I got jewels in my mouth a tool in the couch
But a null in accounts and no fuel for my house
But it’s cool I’m about making a fool of myself
And I’ll collect the dough and blow it back on jewels or up my snout
Bitch I’m so rich but I’ll floss instead
Bitch I’m so rich that I bought my friends
Bitch I’m so rich I got an orphanage
In Africa and all I do there’s export my meth
This chick was upset last night when we were fucking since
I tried a trick I learned from spankwire called buffering
In disbelief, she called her friend they kept chuckling
But bitch I’m so rich tonight she’s coming for another fling
In secret sex clubs, never stroke my bone
On my own, and got person for it over the phone
Everything I got’s made of silver, gold, or chrome
I do drugs like guitarists in the Rolling Stones
And all those drugs are uncut, I take em raw when I use em
Met a dealer with accounts and a home in Bermuda
Got an accountant and a side hustle as a shylock
That orphanage I bought is now a charitable write off
Bitch I’m so rich that I don’t pay taxes
Bitch I’m so rich I eat with folded napkins
Bitch I’m so rich I’ve got an old coke habit
That came back, I’ll recover on the beach relaxing
Bitch I’m so rich collect swords and coffee
Bitch I’m so rich I restore jalopies
Bitch I’m so rich I still know Gaddafi
Bitch I’m so rich that I know my offspring
Bitch I’m so rich I make calls overseas
On my cell phone where they do not cover the fees
Bitch I’m wealthy the president depends on
What my team gives to him for his re-election
Success, the urban legend
Track Name: Chop It Up
What you think you’re special, and this song’s about you
Yo I’m a narcissist, break hearts and shit that’s what we do
Scrape the cartilage as barter chips, I’m graphic too
Ay, it’s not real, but if it starts, may toss you back to school
This ain’t about your hair, cuz I ain’t notice it
These ain’t moments to cherish, please don’t make photo prints
But if I look and you’re there then you’re the prototyp-
Ical chick who cares that I can go and have those moments with
Sow oats and shit, I joke, I kid, you hold your ribs
Jackpot, chill I’m a pro at this
There’s ample time, just standing by
We laugh, we cry, smoke hash, sip chai
And bask in times our glancing eyes
Not patronized, just satisfied
Don’t plan things out we have this night
Grasp you tight, damn well I’m

Singing sweet nothings, enough of those to go around
I don’t know for now but hold up we can chop it up and slow it down
They say that all men are dogs, well I swear I’m not a total hound
Show the bounds, Venusian, we can chop it up and slow it down
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, chop it up
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up and slow it down
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, chop it up
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up and slow it down
Ooooooooooooooo, you make me soulful, ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo
Ooooooooooooooo, you make me so full of hooooooope

The way the moonlight shines on your pretty face
Is kind of normal and not what got me attracted to you
I also love it when your hips swing at a slower pace
It’s just another thing you do a lot of women do too
They say the sea is full of all of the fish you can taste
Well I’ve had my share and I searched all four oceans for you
I also know a faster current that can whisk us away
Well it’s a gyre, but you say “well I’m alright if it’s just you”

Singing sweet nothings, enough of those to go around
I don’t know for now but hold up we can chop it up and slow it down
They say that all men are dogs, well I swear I’m not a total hound
Show the bounds, Venusian, we can chop it up and slow it down
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, chop it up
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up and slow it down
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, chop it up
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up and slow it down
Ooooooooooooooo, you make me soulful, ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo
Ooooooooooooooo, you make me so full of hooooooope

Singing sweet nothings, singing sweet nothings
Still singing sweet nothings, I’m singing sweet nothings
Sweet nothings…yes, singing sweet nothings
It’s nothing, we keep saying that it’s nothing
No it’s something, there’s something
There doesn’t have to be nothing, we’re young and discussing
Discussing we’re touching, there’s functions
Something always comes from functions
Singing sweet nothings, singing sweet nothings
Singing since I’m nothing, singing cuz you’re nothing
Singing cuz we’re nothing, singing cuz we’re fronting
We’re fronting, oh, we’re fronting, I’m fronting
We’re nothing
Track Name: John Wayne
Refer to me as Ishmael, spurned old kid of Israel
Sodom and Gomorrah’s where I’m living, bitch, I piss in hell
Moved at the age of 3, from a land that’s from this and well
I’ve got a lucky uncle, stays somewhere I think’s called Iredell
Still living in Metropolis, {not dreaming of a} scholarship
My school’s {library ain’t exactly} Neapolitan with honors just
A {stack of old pamphlets} saying AIDS comes from {frolicking}
In niggas {asses}, or that it’s from {swallowing}
And college isn’t something that I’m thinking of now but
I’m applying just to sweep around the school I dropped out of
Because I had to work {pops was gone} and mama {was down on}
Her luck and every {buck} I brought in went off to housing
Well my brother, {he’s a different story} niggas name is {Cory}
He’s a {citizen} was born before my father was {deported}
After {sneaking cross the border} just so we’d {avoid the war} and
It’s {unfortunate} cuz here the risk you’re taking is enormous
But I never hung on corners, prayed at church for a master’s
Difference is {I grew up well before my mother went batshit}
Yeah fuck it she went batshit, {no point with the masking}
And glossing over words, tryna polish up a turd
Little brother wants to hoop, he’s got a body like a nerd
Was getting bullied, then met Damien and Ramel from off of 3rd
Say he’ll never be {LeBron James}, fine he’ll be the {John Wayne}
Unloading half its holding, stroking 3 all day from long range

Heard bursts from Smith and Wesson, traverse the intersection
We learnt it that we’re urchins won’t no person give a second chance
Or a second glance approach us with discretion
Niggers kill because they’re animals, heard when I was seven
The curb’s my only weapon the birds best get to stepping
“FREEZE! POLICE!” Fuck, this is worse than catching death
Assuredly, I look exactly like the person they’ve been sketching
Dark skin, big lips, must be me, suck my teeth
Mad popular, trouble free, this life’s a luxury
Trying not to catch a Casey Kasem, dog it wasn’t me
No evidence, released, “you’ll be back,” they said to me
Even when I left the station, man I knew I wasn’t free

Came home pissed off, afternoon, missed the shift
And then to augment it I started hearing rumors and shit
Of how my brother’s got the juice, they’re all like who is this kid
He caught a rep in three years for jooksting Ruben for tits
Then he popped off ensuring that old Ruben was dead
His idiot friend called him by name he put the tool to his head
Now from what I’m hearing, seems like Ruben has an older brother
Who did a piece in state max security for twenty summers
Made parole said he changed, hear that Lucifer is under
His skin and he’s an actor, plotting ruthless in the cover
My only chance now is to find this nigga
But do it stealthily, he’s menacing, alive, I figure
I’ll cop a Ruger P series with a license never
Been charged with a crime, nah I’ll just buy from Trevor
I’m asking what’s his name, some say Fred, some Malik
Easy to ask where he’s staying, got a bed on up the street
In a shelter like the man was really scrounging to eat
I saw the ruse; I also heard that he hung out round the three
That’s the worst block, already he’s right back in game
Tryna find a working Glock to kill my blood, what a shame
So I circled up the block, “Allah u Akbar” he exclaimed
First time in life I’d ever cracked a shot or I aimed
Now the block is all stained, it’s just his thoughts that remain
Still in limbo, beads in palm, Quran dropped on his dame
Track Name: No Return Date
Yo, I’m like 20 now, it’s June 5, 2011
I feel heavy now, a fifth a person more than my freshman
Frame was living in, still I’m in the same mind images
Need to change it up, I’m growing now, I need discipline
A little fixing and I’m wrenching right on past the end of it
See god in myself like the head of branch Davidians
They say you must be wary of where you sow seeds
But my life was much better when I could blow trees
I would see birds chirping, verses, catch it on my first wording
Think too much now, I’m tryna be the whole team
But nah, I play the bench in this rap scene, I’m past dreams
Wanted signings years ago, realized that I was acting
The voice inside my head said you just gotta be yourself
Or you’ll annoy entire fans tryna act as someone else
Then I noticed, I was bland and couldn’t grab or gasp for help
Had it back years ago and then I packed it on the shelf
Was it the years in high school I tried to smoke out of my memory
My preteen years, the only black kid at assemblies
Nah it was the time, these immigrants had first embedded me
Well it seems that I forgot, but it’s assembled at the embassy
I remember I was young and we used to save at cash and carry
I remember I was dumb and I was craving for the flash and barely
Knew a damn thing and I thought I gained it all
Always playing for the win and never bracing for the fall
Well if you had a stake involved, you’d better hurry up and cash out
I’ve rose from the dead with an IPO, you’re nigger’s back now
I started writing raps, cuz I was tryna be a man
At age nine, my mom was sick and I was hiding from my fam
They would never understand or would act like I was weird
I wouldn’t talk, but was like “damn, when I write my hands would sear
From the pain,” but I can’t stop and won’t stop like little brother
Nah not the group, my younger kin was always running and acting stubborn
I wanted to make it from Carolina, but it seems that I’ve reversed
If younger me saw me now I think he’d be feeling quite disturbed
You in the NBA? No! You got your record wrote? No
So you just live your day? So… A lot of bitches though… No
But I realize from in this song that I’m okay with being normal
Addressed as Kweku Kente in the post or in the formal
And I when I die, you’ll see my tombstone, and it reads initials
The day it ends follows May 15, I’m not special